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Pairfum London

Pairfum London perfume experience box for women & men

Pairfum London perfume experience box for women & men

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A collection of 12 x Eau de Parfum Intense, exquisitely presented.

Women & Men – beautiful unisex perfumes for both women & men!

Rediscover the magic of perfume and fall in love all over again, …

Each bottle contains approx 100 x sprays, enough for 2 x weeks of daily bliss. Enjoy the luxury of discovering all facettes and layers of each perfume fully.

Try 12 x different fragrances in the comfort of your home and in your own time. You might fall in love with one.


  • 24 ml = 12 x 2 ml bottles | 0.85 fl oz = 12 x 0.07 fl oz
  • 50 x smelling strips to sample or share each perfume before you wear it


    This Fragrance Library, the Perfume Experience™ Box, is ideal for you, if you can see yourself in one or more of these situations:

    You love Perfume but you are not in your comfort zone when browsing perfumery departments:
    your nose gets confused and overwhelmed by the sheer choice available,
    you prefer not to be hurried and enjoy taking your time when choosing a perfume,
    you would rather not touch the in-store testers at the moment, nor take off your face mask.
    You absolutely adore Perfume and have a selection of Fragrances at home:
    but you are tired of buying a perfume only to find at home it is not really you,
    you can’t go out shopping but would still like a new perfume,
    you know that fragrance is personal and prefer to wear it for a few days before you decide,
    you want to be sure the perfume lasts on your skin before you buy.
    You are a Perfumista or Cognoscenti, a true Connoisseur of Perfume:
    you truly love trying every new niche perfume,
    you love combining or layering fragrances and don’t always need the full-sized flacon,
    you hope to find unusual notes to set stunning fragrant accents, that intrigue others.
    You are looking to buy Perfume as a Gift:
    you would like to buy a unique perfume gift but don’t know what the person likes,
    you are searching for a new perfume for your partner and would like to present options to choose from.
    Does one or more of these scenarios ring true for you? Can you visualize yourself in any of them?

    Yes, … then the Perfume Experience™ Box is the perfect solution for you.

    What is inside the Fragrance Library?
    The following is included inside the Perfume Experience™ Box:

    12 x Eau de Parfums:
    You can discover each Eau de Parfum here: Niche Eau de Parfum
    24 ml = 12 x 2 ml bottles | 0.85 fl oz = 12 x 0.07 fl oz
    50 x Smelling Strips / Blotters / Mouillettes:
    Sample each perfume on a card, like a perfumer, before you wear it
    Which Perfumes are included?

    You will find one mini-bottle of each of the following 12 x Niche Eau de Parfums inside the Fragrance Library:

    Bergamot, Basil & Patchouli
    Black Cherry & Oolong Tea
    Cardamom, Tonka & White Oud
    Ginger, Elemi & Vetiver
    Grapefruit, Pepper & Black Cedar
    Mandarin Blossom & Sandalwood
    Neroli, Musk, Orange Blossom
    Pink Rose & Sensuous Musk
    Scarlet Rhubarb & Oakmoss
    Sea Salt, Sage & Amber
    Spiced Coffee & Oaked Vanilla
    Spiced Rum, Lime & Guaiac Wood


    Intense Eau de Parfum
    with natural / organic essential oils ( fully biodegradable, healthy for you and your family )
    contains 24 ml = 12 x 2 ml bottles | 0.85 fl oz = 12 x 0.07 fl oz
    50 x Smelling Strips / Blotters / Mouillettes:
    made with 100% natural & biodegradable alcohol from sugar (molasses), i.e. renewable
    CO2 neutral – non toxic – non carcinogenic
    lovingly handmade by Artisans in our Studios in the United Kingdom
    12 x glass perfume bottles
    100% vegan and cruelty free ( no animal testing )

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